Election 2016

Can Either Of These Total Newbies Beat Loathsome Utah Teabagger Mike Lee? Your Senate Sunday

wonkette.comBack in April 2010, extremely conservative incumbent Senator Bob Bennett was rejected by his own damn party at the Utah Republican Convention because he wasn’t extremely conservative enough. Utah Republicans chose Mike Lee instead, the Tea Party roared in victory, mere Very Conservative Republicans nationwide started worrying about getting primaried from the right, and somewhere in their secret submarine base under an extinct volcano in Kansas, the Koch brothers smiled knowingly. Since making it to the Senate, Mike Lee has enjoyed going to extremes, explaining that the federal government has no business banning child labor (gotta leave that up to the states), introducing a bill to protect the sacred right of every government and business employee to discriminate against gays, and, more recently, holding up a Senate bill to pay for non-poisonous water lines in Flint, Michigan. Not because he’s in favor of lead poisoning, but because he had a snit about a completely unrelated energy bill. The lead poisoning of poor black children was simply a happy side effect of Lee’s principled opposition to that other bill, because sometimes you have to take a stand. Lee is very proud of a 2015 study that found him the Senate’s most ideologically extreme member.

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