Election 2016

“I Think The Republicans Are Afraid of the NRA”: An Interview With War Hero Congressman Sam Moulton

gq.comSeth Moulton, Democrat from Massachusetts, is suddenly a big deal after he walked out of a congressional moment of silence for victims of the Orlando shooting as a protest against the lack of gun reform. Here he talks about prepping his soldiers for the brutality of war, whether genuine gun reform might actually succeed, and if he’s really in the running to be Hillary’s veep.

Seth Moulton is a 38-year-old freshman Democratic congressman from Massachusetts, but his youth and lack of seniority haven’t prevented him from cutting a large profile on Capitol Hill. A Harvard grad who joined the Marines and served four tours in Iraq—and who refreshingly (and shockingly) has underplayed his military service, including the fact that he won a Bronze Star—Moulton has already become one of his party’s top foreign policy thinkers. This week, after the attack in Orlando, he waded—plunged, really—into the gun-control debate, appearing on the front page of New York’s Daily News with an op-ed calling for an assault-weapons ban. I recently spoke to Moulton about Orlando, ISIS, Trump, and whether he wants to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

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