Election 2016

Reince Priebus Is Delusional When It Comes to Vulgar Talking Yams

esquire.comAt the Stupid Café, as we have noted before, some of our longtime regulars are honored with their personal reserved booths. One of these people is obvious anagram Reince Priebus, the emptiest suit in American politics. Thanks to the indefatigable Crooks and Liars, we find Priebus chatting with Greta Van Susteren on the subject of how Corey Lewandowski got iced yesterday, and pretending quite seriously that, no, a Tiger shark is not munching on his balls, and why do you ask, anyway?

“This is a new direction for the campaign. This is sort of the professionalization that continues. There’s no way to work a presidential campaign with competing factions. It just doesn’t work. There’s four to five months left….To me, when I see something like this, I see a pivot to the general, a seriousness to the general, that looks good for getting this campaign to a place where he can compete with Hillary Clinton.”I thought it was very classy how he handled today.”

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