Election 2016

Spending $208,000 on Hats Is Really Funny, Until It Isn’t

esquire.comIt’s the $208,000 for hats that makes the whole thing high art.

On a day in which He, Trump fired his campaign manager, and then fired some other dude for making fun on the electric Twitter machine of the campaign manager he’d fired, the worst news of all came out of his regular report to the Federal Election Commission report.

It has been noted all over the Intertoobz that the $1.2 million the campaign has for cash-on-hand is a.) less than that on hand for the Ben Carson campaign, which has been as dormant as its candidate for quite some time, b.) less than one would need to run a decent congressional campaign, and c.) less than he would need to buy a decent-sized house in Vancouver, h/t to Bruce Arthur for that last one. (Nicholas Confessore of The New York Times tweeted out the point that the Trump campaign has less COH than does the campaign of Dean Skelos, the former majority leader of the New York state senate, and Skelos is headed for the hoosegow for a spell.)

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