Election 2016

Some of the Oldest, Whitest People on Earth Voted Against Monsters in Their Heads

esquire.comYou may notice that this is the very first discussion of the U.K.’s possible departure from the EU that we’ve had in this shebeen. This is partly because I didn’t know enough about the issue–or about U.K. politics in general–to comment intelligently. This is also partly because I never quite saw what all the fuss was about. This was an advisory referendum. More serious than most, I will grant you, but not, it seemed to me, that different in practical kind to all those antiwar referenda that popped up on statewide ballots during Vietnam or, later, during C-Plus Augustus’ excellent adventure along the Tigris. Now that the U.K. electorate has chosen (narrowly) to hock a big old loogie at everyone from international bankers to the “scary brown people” who the electorate apparently believes are at last preparing to launch Operation Sea Lion, I guess we should have something to say about it.

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