Election 2016

Elizabeth Warren Is Out Here to Keep Hillary Clinton Honest

esquire.comCINCINNATI, OHIO—Well, this was a scene. I’ll give it that.

In an old, repurposed railroad station, a grand old WPA mural portraying squarish steelworkers and farmers festooning its walls, and not far up Ezzard Charles Avenue from the Ohio River, brown and muddy with what probably once were pieces of West Virginia, two Democratic women put on a show for the locals. It was a morning campaign event that was more signifying than most.

This was the first time that Senator Professor Warren actively campaigned on the same stage as Hillary Rodham Clinton and, since SPW does nothing by half-measures, she threw herself into the event—and, therefore, into the campaign—with all the brio she brings to everything she does. This is going to cause her some problems with that part of the party still attached to the golden dream of Bernie Sanders. It already has in some quarters. The lust for the quixotic remains a cardinal sin common to a certain class of Democratic activist. If you handed these people a steak, they’d go on a hunger strike until you gave them sauce. SPW is not one of those people. As expected, she went to town on He, Trump. “Talk about goofy,” she said, turning his adjectival dagger around. “Have you seen him in that hat?”

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