Election 2016

The Supreme Court Just Very Clearly Called Bullsh*t on Texas

esquire.comOK, so I’ve figured it out. If you want to get Justice Anthony (Weathervane) Kennedy on board on a contentious social issue, you have to get him in June, when Washington reverts to its original meteorological role as a marble-encased skillet. Last June, Kennedy joined the majority (and wrote the majority opinion) in the case that legalized marriage equality nationally.

On Monday, he joined a 5-3 majority in what possibly is the biggest victory for the right to choose since Roe v. Wade itself. In the case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the Court absolutely eviscerated the mock concern for women’s health as manifested by the phony anti-choice regulations imposed by the state of Texas. There are a few other states that have engaged in this chicanery, too. It’s hard to see how similar regulations survive there, either.

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