Election 2016

Radio Host Steve Deace Equates Women’s Health Clinics With Nazi Concentration Camps

mediamatters.orgFrom the June 27 episode of The Steve Deace Show:

STEVE DEACE (Host): I can promise you, I don’t care how witty we are, how clever we are, if the argument’s about reproductive rights or reproductive freedom we’re going to lose 12 times out of 10. Maybe 13. Everytime! Every single time. How many kids got killed while we argued this? How many? The only argument we can win is the only argument we have. What is a human life and how do we know, and when is it a life? It’s the only argument we have. All of us listening to this, if you’re conservatives or libertarians, do you think government ought to tell a woman she has to have a child or conceive one if she doesn’t want to? Of course you don’t! Unless of course it’s a child! We would all argue yes, you can do whatever you want with your own body as long as it doesn’t infringe on somebody else. So the only argument we have is what? That’s somebody else. You know who was not making the argument that that was somebody else, which is the only argument we have — we call ourselves pro-fill in the blank — pro what? Life. Which means that’s a? Life. So all of our arguments should be about life. Why are we making arguments about reproductive rights and reproductive freedom? why are we making those arguments? Why are we making arguments about regulating these clinics, when they are essentially American Dachaus. Why are we doing this? Why? You know what we would have done to people who said, “You know, hey, I tried to make sure Auschwitz was clean,” we hung them, we would have hung them. And put it on television, except we hadn’t invented it yet. But we did film it. It’s called the Nuremberg Trials.

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