Election 2016

Yes, Energy Companies Lie About the Safety of Their Pipelines

esquire.comI think Pipeline Watchdog might be a new federal job we think about having down here. Canada has one, and he’s not happy with various extraction companies, many of whom seem to be buying their pipeline parts from the international pipeline parts firm of Shyster and Flywheel.

Of course, it took him eight years and one exploding pipeline to do something about it, as the National Observer explains.

Canada’s pipeline watchdog has given two of North America’s largest energy companies up to six months to fix what industry insiders have described as a series of “ticking time bombs.” The National Energy Board waited eight years after U.S. regulators raised the alarm about substandard materials, finally issuing an emergency safety order in February. At least one Canadian pipeline with defective materials blew up during that period. Newly-released federal documents show that Texas-based Kinder Morgan and Alberta-based Enbridge are both looking into the use of defective parts purchased from Thailand-based, Canadoil Asia, that recently went bankrupt.

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