Election 2016

Republicans Had Another Banner Day of Stupid

esquire.comAs the sun sets on Thursday, and the kangaroo suits are sent to the cleaners to get them ready for the next 93 futile hearings into whatever’s left of the e-mail thing besides the furrowed brows of the country’s green rooms, we bid farewell to a very interesting day in Our Nation’s Capital.

First of all, He, Trump came to town and met with those Republican legislators who weren’t imaginative enough to come up with a decent excuse to be hiding under the couch. Things apparently did not go well with the senators. He, Trump threatened Jeff Flake’s career, which is roughly akin to pulling an RPG launcher on an angry, but plucky, Pomerarian. Luckily for us all, He, Trump remains a dolt, which Flake politely pointed out.

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