Election 2016

Why ‘All Lives Matter’ Is a Dodge

esquire.comThere is a serious crisis in American policing. African-Americans have been shouting about it for a couple of years now because they’ve been its primary victims. I wasn’t even finished sorting through the reactions to Wednesday’s post about the killing of Alton Sterling by members of the Baton Rouge police department when news about the killing of Philando Castile by members of the police department of a Minneapolis suburb began to filter out.

Now, if two criminally dubious police shootings of helpless African-American men in as many days isn’t a critical mass, then critical mass is not achievable short of calling in the Air Force to perform strafing runs on African-American neighborhoods—which, by the way, is something that actually happened in Tulsa in 1921, so there are precedents, damn them all to hell.

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