Election 2016

The Democrats’ Hillary Clinton Problem

esquire.comThus is another unspoken question added to the list:

What if she doesn’t run?

What if she can’t run?

What if I can beat her?

That’s the question Martin O’Malley is searching the country for an answer to, even if he declines to admit that’s what he’s doing.

“I guess that’s a question that others can answer and, ultimately, the people will answer,” he says. “For my part, I believe that in Baltimore city and in the state of Maryland, we have brought forward a new and better way of governing. It’s not the old way of ideology and bureaucracy and hierarchy. It’s about governing for results. It’s about intentional leadership that’s collaborative, that’s open, that’s transparent, that operates by way of common platforms of action. And that’s where the country’s headed. It’s certainly the way the country’s headed. It’s certainly the sort of leadership that younger people are demanding, and the sooner we get there, I think, the better for our economy and the better for all aspects of our journey as a people.”

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