Election 2016

Clevelanders Open Homes and Churches to Convention Demonstrators

nytimes.comCLEVELAND — Rosemary Palmer has spent the last three weeks stocking up on toilet paper, buying large boxes of cereal, and figuring how to fit as many people as possible into her three-bedroom Cleveland home, which in just a few days will be filled with activists from around the country in town for the Republican National Convention.

With thousands of protesters arriving in Cleveland looking for a place to sleep, Ms. Palmer is letting a fortunate handful set up sleeping bags in her dining room and husband’s attic office, on couches in her living room and porch, and even in tents pitched in her backyard amid the chickens and vegetables in her garden. She is being joined by churches and organizers around the city that are scrambling to house demonstrators who are expected to descend on Cleveland to voice their rage — or support — over the nomination of Donald J. Trump.

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