Election 2016

Trump Almost, Sorta, Kind of Lost the Nomination for a Minute There

esquire.comCLEVELAND, OHIO—Tell you the truth, I always wished I had covered the 1919 World Series. By most accounts, the fix was obvious while almost everyone pretended it wasn’t. But I watched the last redoubt of the NeverTrump crowd wash away today like a sandcastle at high tide. And that was close enough.

It was a very long shot at best, and its only purpose was to put each state at the convention on the record as regards its support for He, Trump. According to the prevailing rules, if seven states requested a roll call, a roll call had to be granted. The NeverTrumpers managed to get nine states on board and submitted their petitions to the secretary of the convention. For most of the afternoon, nobody could find the secretary of the convention, which probably wasn’t an accident. Their last chance was to call for roll call from the floor. Shortly after four, the report of the Rules Committee was put before the convention, including the rules that would keep the delegates bound to their states. Down in the New Hampshire delegation, Gordon Humphreys, an old-school Republican and a former U.S. Senator, kept shouting, “Parliamentary inquiry! Parliamentary inquiry!”

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