Election 2016

Another black eye for ballet while making America grate again

haglundsheel.typepad.comThis is not a political blog. In fact, we go out of our way to avoid national political hot-topics even though they might draw parallels to the dance world and even supply a little humor. But now this. This is unavoidable.

Donald Trump has blamed Melania’s plagiarism on ballet. He has pointed his very short index finger limply at the co-author of one of his books and long time confidant, Meredith McIver. She’s a graduate of the University of Utah who purportedly worked on Wall Street before beginning her Trump association in 2001 and co-authored at least one of his books. She also seems to have been a Ford Foundation scholarship recipient who attended SAB at the age of 14 and may have even done a little hoofing around town afterward before going to Utah.

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