Election 2016

And Then the Balloons Dropped, and Then the World Started Coming to an End

esquire.comCLEVELAND, OHIO—He wanted to say it.

He pursed his lips. Bit the inside of his lip. Pursed his lips again. Thrust his tongue against the side of this cheek. Swung his shoulders back and forth. Pursed his lips again.

He really wanted to say it. But this was the new Donald Trump. When Code Pink protester Medea Benjamin interrupted his acceptance speech—or, more exactly, when the chants of U-S-A-! from delegates trying to shout down Benjamin’s protest interrupted his speech—Trump stopped and simply stood at the podium for several long moments. He did not point and snarl, “Get ’em!, Get ’em out!” Instead, he stood for several long moments, twitching against every fiber in his being, waiting until the Cleveland PD had Benjamin corralled before posing a rhetorical question: “How great are our police, and how great is Cleveland?”

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