Election 2016

Boo All You Want. Ted Cruz Will Leave Cleveland with Dignity.

esquire.comGARRISON: I want to show you something. Take a look here. 544 Camp Street. 531 Lafayette Street. Same building, right? Different addresses, different entrances, both going to the same place…to the office upstairs. Guess who used it? Lee Harvey Oswald. How do we know that? This address was stamped on…pro-Castro leaflets he handed out in the summer of ’63 on Canal Street. The same leaflets they found in his garage in Dallas. After the arrest, 544 Camp St. never appeared on the pamphlets again. He was arrested for fighting with anti-Castro Cubans. But he’d contacted them already…as an ex-Marine trying to join their anti-Castro crusade. When they heard he was now pro-Castro, they paid him a visit. “What’s this Fidel shit? You lied to me!”

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