Election 2016

Donald Trump Is Bad at Scripted Television and Also Bad at Nationalism

nymag.comIf you began to pay attention to politics starting any time later than the early 1970s, you know political conventions consist of nothing more than a four-day-long infomercial, where each party is afforded a rare chance to transmit its message to the public unfiltered. For a variety of reasons, the Donald Trump campaign has made poor use of this opportunity.

Some of the causes of its failure were routine — on night one, angry, rambling general Michael Flynn blathered too long and pushed the smooth, compelling Joni Ernst out of the prime-time slot. Then this small disaster was eclipsed by the much larger disaster of Melania Trump’s speech having turned out to include plagiarized passages. Then the campaign compounded the problem by insisting on lying and changing its account, so that the news media — given an actual news story to uncover — blotted out the intended message with wall-to-wall plagiarism coverage.

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