Election 2016

We’re Live from the RNC With Melissa Harris-Perry

elle.comCan I get real for a minute?

I just did something I have never done.

I am a political nerd of the highest order. I haven’t even turned off the TV on the final night of a political convention before the balloon drop since 1984. This is not an exaggeration. This is the absolute truth. I have seen the every available moment of the speeches of the nominees of both Parties since I was 10. Tonight I left early because I was afraid.

Every night this week in Cleveland, the energy has waned as the hour progressed. By the time media left the Arena at 11 p.m., the building was only half full. Tonight was different. Mr Trump’s speech brought delegates and their energy to a late night crescendo. Chants we heard all week increased in fervor, volume, intensity, and frequency—” Build that wall!” “Lock her Up!” “U-S-A!”

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