Election 2016

New Week, New Convention, New High Profile Person Showered with Boos

esquire.com“I’m in charge of morale. That was my job in the Army.” Remember this fellow because we will meet him again.

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut spoke first, rising to warm applause. He talked about his relentless campaign against gun violence. On Sunday night, two children were killed when someone opened up at a Fort Myers nightclub that was hosting a dance night for young teenagers. Murphy connected those two deaths with the victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which took place shortly before he was sworn in as a senator. “While the places like Orlando and Sandy Hook get all the publicity,” Murphy said, “we have to remember that 80 people every day get killed by guns. In the richest, most successful country in the world, you shouldn’t have to fear for your life when you go to a nightclub.”

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