Election 2016

And Now for Some Hot Takes About How Awful the DNC Was

esquire.comMegan McArdle, who is a silly writer who gets paid to publish things for a living because there are many suckers in this sinful world, made one of the great unintentional funnies in her most recent bit of political analysis. The whole piece is worthy of mockery, but I thought this part was the most spectacular of all. Per Bloomberg:

Instead, the left half of the political spectrum solemnly agreed with themselves that this was a non-story, a three-day wonder, nothing for us to worry about. I am sympathetic to this decision only because by that point there was no one else, the entire machine of Democratic politics having been turned into a purpose-built vehicle for the Clinton candidacy. But why did the Democratic power brokers settle on Clinton back then? She could easily have ended up facing a much more viable opponent, like Scott Walker or Marco Rubio or John Kasich.

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