Election 2016

It’s Getting Tough Out There for the Crazies

esquire.comBack in 2014, Congressman Tim Huelskamp was one of our contestants to succeed Michele Bachmann as Royal Regent Of The Crazy People. (Louie Gohmert, of course, is Padishah Emperor For Life.) Huelskamp had compiled an impressive resume even then for being pretty much a career dick. Per The Wichita Eagle (back then):

Rackaway noted that Huelskamp not only has failed to support positions of the GOP leadership, but he’s been abrasive in advancing his opinions, rubbing others the wrong way both personally and politically. It’s a pattern that’s not new, Rackaway said. Huelskamp was removed from the Kansas Senate’s Ways and Means Committee when he served there. And reports of hard feelings between Boehner and Huelskamp started almost immediately after he reached Washington in early 2011.

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